IA SAPIENS Methodology

Commitment to quality

We execute projects with quality and focus on delivering results for our clients. We rely on mature methodologies in Software Development (Agile) and Data Science (CRISP-DM).

Metodología Agile


IA Sapiens works with its clients using the Agile methodology, providing a constant stream of resources to the client's project.

We work in short sprints with well-defined objectives and "quick wins", Maintaining a backlog (list of potential future initiatives).

At the end of each sprint, results are evaluated, and tasks are retrieved from the backlog in order of impact.

The backlog is enriched or prioritized with new information that was not possible to foresee at the beginning of the project.

Metodología Agile


IA Sapiens approaches its data science projects using the CRISP-DM methodology.

CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) It provides a standardized description of the life cycle of a standard data analysis project, analogous to how it is done in software engineering with software development life cycle models. The CRISP-DM model covers the phases of a project, their respective tasks, and the relationships between these tasks.

It contemplates the data analysis process as a professional project, thus establishing a much richer context that influences the development of models.

Metodología Crisp-DM
Metodología Crisp-DM
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